YZPOWER 84V 5A Lithium Battery Charger for 72V 20S Lithium Battery Electric Motorcycle Ebikes Tools


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84V 5A Lithium Battery Charger

Please Leave Clear Words of The Input AC Plug And Output DC Plug,Like’AC:Number 5, DC:G’,Especial ‘E’ And ‘F’,Otherwise Your Can’t Be Sent,Thank You!!!
Note : E1:5.5*2.5*11mm,E2 :5.5*2.1*11mm;
F1:5.5*2.1*11mm, F2:5.5*2.5*11mm

How to use:

1. Should be checked before using the battery charger is consistent with
the type of charger model is correct. If the model is not matched, charging may be abnormal and the battery may be seriously damaged.
2. Should be properly connected battery Do not reverse polarity! (Red + Black- or Brown- Blue + or Red + Blue -).
3. Then the AC plug in the AC outlet, then the charger starts to charge the battery,charging status LED color light displayed by the top of the charger.
(The indicator of LED: red is charging, green is charge finished or prepare charging)If the green light is always on, check that the charging cable is firmly connected to the battery.
4.Full of voltage, first unplug the charger’s power plug, then unplug the battery plug.

1 Material: ABS + PC
2 Charger Model: CC(constant current) CV(constant voltage)
3 Operating Temperature: -20~60 Degree
4 Storage Temperature: -40~+80 Degree
5 Operating Humidity: 20~90%RH

Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Connection Protection

Usage Introdction

Dual Color LED Indicator:(Charging:Red; Fully Charged Or No Load:Green)
High Efficiency And Low Power Consumption

1.Stable MTBF:> 30000 H

2.Small Size: 205 * 121 * 50mm

3.Light Weight: 1.2kg

4.Delivery Time: 2-5 working days

5.Material:Metal Aluminium Case

6.After-sales service: 36months Warranty

7.Protection function: Over voltage / Over temperature / Over current / Short circuit

8.The indicator of LED: Red is charging, green is charge finished or prepare charging

8.Light, Small, Stable, High-Efficiency, Safe, etc.Precise limit of voltage & current, qualified fully charged and avoid over charge

1)Input and output filter electrolytic capacitor use withstand temperatures -40 to +105 Celsius,with Low Impedance ,High reliability,Long useful life,High rip-ple capability,etc features.

2)Input Bridge KBP406 rectifiers Can withstand average Forward Rectified Current 4A,peak forward surge current 130A,Bl-ocking Voltage 600VDC

3)The main power transformer adopts EC40 core, PC40 material,High efficiency, low iron loss,Enough power capacity,Have sufficient power margin.

4)Using aluminum heat sink,Good thermal design,can better cool the power device, Consistent with the principle of hot air flow,extend the service life

1. Our goal is customer satisfaction!

2. After you received the goods, if you do not know how to use it, please feel freely to contact us, we will try our best to deal with all problems.

3. Our company provide 1 year free warranty. Within 1 year, if product parts have problem, we will provide new parts for free(You need to

provide strong evidence that shows these parts have been damaged).

4. If you feel the service we do not good enough, please advise us, We will appreciate your proposal and we will continue to improve.

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