Original Baseus Monitor Light Desktop Laptop Screen Light Bar Screenbar Computer Screen Hanging Lamp LED Reading Light


◾Brand: Baseus
◾Name: Baseus Screen Hanging Light (Fighting)
◾Model: DGIWK-B01
◾Material: Aluminum alloy+PC
◾Colour temperature: 3000K-6500K
◾Rated power: 5W(Max)
◾Working temperature: -10℃~40℃
◾Item weight: Approx. 480g
◾Item size: 464 x 100 x 38mm
◾Power interface: USB Type-c

🔴Main Features:

✅ 1. Light memory function, anti-blue light, free from strobe flash.
✅ 2. Stepless dimming, three light modes, USB power supply.
✅ 3. Simple lamp body, occupy little space.
✅ 4. Easy to install, does not hurt the screen.
✅ 5. Color temperature: 2900-5000K
✅ 6. Rated power: 5W (max)
✅ 7.Suitable for Screen with a thickness of 5mm-40mm (the thinner the screen, the smaller the required angle, the thicker the screen, the larger the required angles.


🔴Why we recommend it:

Simple Lamp Body Design; USB Power Supply; Installed and Fixed in 1 Second; 3 Lighting Modes; Intelligent Stepless Dimming; No Blue Light Hazard; No Visible Strobing

Why do You Need a Display Light?
In the era of IoT, computers are indispensable for work, study, entertainment, and games, but too bright/too dim light will directly pose a burden on your eyes. i-WOK display light focuses on providing lighting solutions for computer desktops with display space light source technology…

Screen Glare-free – This e-reading screen Light Bar’s lights coming from the front and center, a perfect angle to not get any glare on your screen while providing well enough light for your desk and keyboard, and reduces screen reflection and effectively protects the eyes.

Adjustable Lighting – Dimmable LED desk lamp features 3 color modes with multi brightness levels Each, enabling you to customize your desired light based on use. You can press the dial to turn on/off and rotate to change brightness and color temperature manually.

USB Powered – Provided with USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable, any USB outlet can power the e-Reading Lamp, whether it is a computer, power adapter or power bank.

Easy to Install – No need for screws or tape that damage monitors. The clip fits any monitor with a thickness from 0.2 “ to 1.5” (0.5 to 4 cm). Slim and sleek design, with light luxury aluminum alloy material, make your workspace look very modern and stylish.

🔴Package Contents:
1 x Lamp,
1 x USB power cable,
1 x Manual

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