Ncvi Electric Breast Pump Lithium Battery Rechargeable Silicone Massage Breastfeeding Pull Out Electric Milk Extractor XB-8617-1


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NCVI Single electric breast pump


Product overview:

Main features::
• Compact portable pump body.
• Work sounds less than 35 decibels, exactly imitating infant sucking.
• Intelligent frequency conversion, 1 ~ 5 stimulation of the secretion of breast milk mode, 1 ~ 9 pumping mode.
• Easy to use,single button switching Massage or pumping working mode.
• Universal voltage range 110V-220V, built-in 1400 mAh lithium battery, fully charged to meet the needs of a whole day of pumping milk.
• LCD display shows working mode, inspiratory intensity and working time.
• Through a number of authoritative testing and certification,
in full compliance with international industry standards and safety requirements (BPA Free).
• Strictly complies with industry safety pressure requirements,
minimum 11Kpa (82mmHg), maximum 40Kpa (300mmHg).

Product information

Mode: XB-8617-1 Name: Intelligent electric breast pump
Rated voltage: 5V Rated current: 500mA
Rated power: 2.5W Packing unit: 1 unit


Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Ncvi intelligent frequency conversion single electric breast pump

Tested by strict authorities

Through the United States FDA, EU, TUV and many other authoritative certification.

Our partners are all over the world

We help many of the world-renowned brand OEM, NCVI brand merchandise sales reach around the world.

We participate in exhibitions around the world

Every year we go to many countries and regions in the world to participate in the manufacturer's brand exhibition.

Frequency conversion adjustment sucking mode

1 ~ 5 stimulation of the secretion of breast milk mode, 1 ~ 9 pumping mode.

Stimulate the secretion of breast milk mode

The rapid frequency of 112 times/min stimulated the breast to secrete breast milk and dredge the mammary gland.

Quick and gentle stimulation of breast secretion of breast milk

Pumping mode

Pumping mode has a large suction force, 1 to 9 different suction strengths, and different strength suctions only differ by 3Kpa,it is easier to adapt to different mothers, and pumping milk is not painful.

Normal breast pumping mode, slow and deep sucking

1400 mAh lithium battery

Fully charged at one time to meet the needs of a full day of pumping.

Solve Milk swell ,pumping Milk problems on anytime, anywhere

Convenient charging
USB interface, charging at any time, notebook, mobile power, computer host can supply power.

low noise

Less than 40dB of noise, giving you a quiet pumping environment.

Don't bother colleagues & family

Don't disturb your baby to sleep

Anti-backflow design
Anti-backflow design prevents milk from flowing back to the main unit, avoiding host damage and avoiding secondary contamination of milk.

Safety material
Heat-sterilizable, high temperature resistant 120°C, BPA Free

Host collision resistant design
The outer periphery of the main unit is made of thick silicone nesting, which can effectively mitigate impact damage.

Operation button display

Product and accessories list
about us

About power adapter

We will distribute suitable power adapters for users in all regions.Please leave a message at the order
For orders that are not prompted, we will query the appropriate power adapter based on the buyer's shipping address.
However, it may not be correct, so I hope to indicate it at the order.Country power plug style see the picture below.

We created an AFQ page designed to help our users encounter problems with the breast pump. If you need help with product use, please click on the AFQ page below If you need more help, please contact us by sending a message.

Package items
We will deliver 1 baby bottle converters with the product. The corresponding country's power adapter, English manual.


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Our electric breast pump to provide one-year warranty. NOTE: We only provide the electrical part of the quality assurance (all accessories and power and man-made damage not the warranty). If you need us to provide warranty service, damaged merchandise using the video shoot for me to watch, we check the merchandise under warranty, will provide a new electrical parts to you.


Our electric breast pump a small amount of spare parts, accessories breast pump if you do not accidentally lost or damaged, you can go to our shop to buy it.

we all have electric breast pump parts meet, if you are our customers our accessories will follow plus shipping costs available to you, please contact us to buy. We strive to provide you with the most quality service.

Tip: Avoid soft silicone fittings for a long time high temperature sterilization, can improve the life of parts, air duct cleaning to avoid, if you have to clean the air tube, remove all air tube water because the water will be drawn and damage to the machine (note appliances: electrical damage caused thereby not warranty).


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