LLLT 650nm Health therapy care equipment Laser Electric Knee Massager instrument Knee Joint Sports Injury pain relief no pain


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The product can be used all over the world. and its operating voltage range is 100V~240V.

Knee Care Laser Massager is an advanced therapy device which is combined with three-dimensional vibration technology and laser light technology. It gives you three-dimensional massage as well as direct laser light on your knee and joint cavity to improve microcirculation and metabolism in the related area, increase richer blood supply to tissues. In addition, it increases tensile strength of tissue repair, resolves inflammation, reduces edema and stiffness in joints, and gives pain relief.


1. Model Number: RG-XGBII

2. Media: Semiconductor and Light Emission Diode

3. Laser light: 650nm (6pcs)

4. LED light: 630nm (12pcs)

5. Environmental Temperature: 5°c- 40°c

6. Relative Humidity: ≤80%

7. Power Supply: DC 6.0V, 2A (Power Adaptor)

8. Products size: 18*12.3*9 (cm)

9. Package size: 19.5*12.8*9.8 (cm)

10. Weight: 750g


1. Increase knee local blood circulation.

2. Enhance joint flexibility and comfort.

3. Physical therapy for various types of knee arthritis.

Application (Have three effects: Improve micro-blood circulation, pain relief and diminish inflammation):

1. Patella fracture, ligamentous injury, The knee joint and cartilage damage, chronic sport injury.

2. Infectious diseases such as fester osteoarthritis, tuberculosis of knee joint, inflammation.

3. Non-infective knee diseases: rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis.

Instruction of different Mode:

Mode 1-Mode 3: Suitable for Infectious diseases and non-infective knee diseases.

You can select from mode 1-mode 4 based on your own health conditions

Mode 4: Knee damage or injury (you can not choose vibration mode, especially for serious knee damage or injury patients)

Especially notes for old users:

1. You’d better drink a cup of water before use it, 200-300ml.

2. 1-2 times per days, every time 5-10 minutes.

3. It will have better effect when users are relaxing, lie flat on the bed with knee bending.

4. You’d better stop using it for 1-2 days after 1 week usage.

Please see the mainframe of this device as follows:

1. Start: To initiate the system and switches into “ready” mode.

2. Intensity: To adjust the irradiation intensity of laser and LED.

3. Time: To adjust the work-time.

4. Stop: To terminate the light output and goes to the standby mode.

5. Off: To shut down the apparatus at once.

6. Strap Slot: To fix the bandage that fastens the device with knee.

7. Cover for knee / Cover for Patella: Used for guiding light, massaging, light and Physical therapy.

A. Output Connector: Connected to power jack of Knee Care Massager.

B. Power Plug: Connected to power source.

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