LAOA T Shape Hex Type Double End Screwdriver S2 Non-slip Corundum T-Handle High Torque Wrench Prolong Hex Screwdrivers


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LA315203 2.5mmLA315204 3.0mmLA315205 4.0mmLA315206 5.0mmLA315207 6.0mmLA315208 8.0mmLA315209 10.0mm

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LAOA T-Handle High Torque Wrench Prelong Hex Screwdrivers

Material: S2 alloy steel (coated by Corundum, check below introductions)
Size: 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 8.0 10mm for your choice
Standard: Metric system
Coating corundum, high rigidity, strong torque, anti-skid
Wear-resistance, save labor
S2 alloy steel, rigidity reach to 58-62 degree, 2 times longer life
Double color handle, humanism anti-skid design, comfortable handing.
LAOA T-shape hex wrench, Feel great at working.
Anti-skid, save labor, durable
Product Specification: (Check carefully, Choose your ideal Size to buy)
A: Handle length B: Hex length C: Handle width D: Total length E: Rod length
Model Size Total (D) Rod (E) Hex(B) Handle(A) Handle Width(C)
LA315203 2.5mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 92mm 18mm
LA315204 3.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 92mm 18mm
LA315205 4.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 92mm 18mm
LA315206 5.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 113mm 23mm
LA315207 6.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 113mm 23mm
LA315208 8.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 133mm 27mm
LA315209 10.0mm 178mm 130mm 12mm 133mm 27mm
Warmly reminder: choose the correct wrench according to the bellow data
F: The Screw Nut diameter Size
The metric wrench and screws comparison table
Hex wrench Hex screws
1.5mm M1.6 M2
2.0mm M2.5
2.5mm M3
3.0mm M4
4.0mm M5
5.0mm M6
6.0mm M8
8.0mm M10
10mm M12
12mm M14
Features of S2 steel material with corundum coating
Material hardness: S2 > Cr-Mo > Cr-V > Cs
S2 is the combination of C, Si, Ms, Mo and V.
Cr-Mo is combination of Cr, Mo, Fe and C.
Cr-V is combination of Cr and V.
CS is the ordinary steel material.
From above comparison, S2 is the best steel for screwdriver material.
When S2 steel coated with corundum, screwdriver will be much better to:
1.Tear off damaged screws 2. match c losely to screws
3.Prevent destructive sliding out 4. use easier than traditional wrench
S2 improve 30% torque than CR-V, Ball end Hex can be operated with 25 degree angle
Product Details:
①Brand logo ② Size mark ③ S2 alloy steel ④ Corundum coating
A: Double color handle – anti-skid and comfortable.
B: LAOA brand logo, Original LAOA product
C: Size mark, easy to read and choose to use during work
D: Rod made by S2 steel coated with Corundum , high rigidity.
E: Laser marking of brand logo, size, material.
LAOA pay attention to every details.
①Brand ②Size ③S2 alloy steel ④Corundum coating
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