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USB/Bluetooth Active speaker.
,suitable for direct connection to PC.
Fevers sound quality, sound quality clear to listen to, suitable for listening to music, watching movies, desktop small solid wood pine wood speaker, 3 “full frequency speaker unit


There are two types of power input: adapter /USB cable;The USB cable contains power input and audio input.
There are three types of signal input: priority order –3.5 audio cable >USB cable > bluetooth.
1. 3.5 audio input: connect the adapter or USB cable, insert 3.5 audio cable and automatically default to 3.5 audio input mode. Bluetooth and USB input are invalid.
2. USB cable input: no 3.5 audio cable is inserted. After the computer is connected to the USB cable, the power adapter fails and the bluetooth input fails.
3. Bluetooth input: do not plug in 3.5 audio cable and USB cable, connect to the power adapter, and bluetooth input will take effect.
USB drive instructions: after the computer directly connected to the USB cable, the WINDOWS system automatically detects and installs the driver, and it will take effect after restarting the computer.
Bluetooth and 3.5 audio input sound will be louder than the direct USB input.The reason is that separate USB input, USB both power and audio power loss.

Frequency Range :

Size(Width – height – depth) 110mm-190mm-150mm
NET Weight: 2.8kg/pair
Rated power: 15W
Max Power: 30W
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 91dB
Frequency Range :100Hz-20kHz
Box material: pine wood

Product introduction:

Solid wood desktop computer speaker, pure natural native pine. Non-sawdust or synthetic density board, with a light wood fragrance. No formaldehyde, green environmental protection.The speaker USES the machine to produce the latest upgrade silver trumpet, double big magnet, long stroke, as high as 93 db sensitivity, power amplifier is very easy to promote. For 2-100 w power amplifier, high bass three very balance. Overall quality is good. The sound quality and price than similar price products, the advantage is that high-pitched voice fully. Fruity sweet and delicate voice. Good details, suitable to listen to the voices, the pure music, classical music, etc. The bass in all frequency sound box with size also did well.

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