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cactuscarrotdinosaurgray deergray starsGray stripesGreengreen dots on whitepandasailboatWatermelonwave flamingo
56(0-2 month)62(2-4 month)68(4-7 month)
SIZE Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
56 50 46 11 18
62 55 52 13 20.5
68 61 56 16 22.5
As mother,How to choose baby clothes???

(1) Choice of fabric
Baby romper must choose a good fabric, never choose those chemical fiber fabrics, which will cause eczema and other problems. Generally, it is better to choose cotton or bamboo fiber(Consider adding velvet in winter), sweat-absorbent, breathable and antibacterial, so it is better to choose a romper made of this fabric for your baby.

(2) Pay attention to looseness
Choose romper for your baby. Don’t look beautiful or pretty. Clothes that look beautiful may often have fluorescent agents and other chemically harmful substances. The key to romper is comfort, so be sure to choose a looser style This will not restrain the baby, but it should not be too wide, it will wrap the baby’s hands and feet.

(3) romper color
When choosing romper for your baby, don’t choose too bright colors according to your hobby, because very bright colors have great appeal to the baby, then it will affect the baby’s sleep, so it is best to choose a lighter romper The baby has a quiet effect.

(4)Note the handmade of romper
rompers are clothes that are directly attached to the baby’s delicate skin, so there is a high demand in terms of handwork. Once the handwork is not good, those threads and rough surfaces will cause the baby’s skin discomfort, so do not choose low-quality romper. Better by hand.

Full open design
The one-piece design will not catch the baby, and the baby is comfortable to wear when crawling away.
Full crotch design
Consider the comfort of baby walking and crawling, leave enough space in the front crotch
Back crotch design
The crotch piece is designed in a circular arc shape, which does not restrict the diapers, which is comfortable and beautiful
Metal buttons
Made of metal, has good abrasion resistance, does not collect dust, and is not easily damaged
Stretch cotton
Soft feel, uniform color and natural health
Stick to the source of pure fabric

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