health medical soft 650nm lllt low level laser therapy laser physiotherapy equipment


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health medical soft 650nm lllt low level laser therapy laser physiotherapy equipment

Product Description

Laser Medium GaA/ As Semiconductor
Laser Wavelength 650nm
Laser Output Power 5mw
Laser Operating Voltage 110-240 V
Timing Range 15-60mins for adjustment
Environment Temperature -20°C-40°C
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Power Source Use Lithium battery with capacity of 1500 mAh
Certificate CE ISO9001 ISO13485 CFDA RoHs
Warranty one year
Packing 26.4 x 18.5 x 8.0cm

Laser Light Therapy Watch

Gospel of patients with cardiovascular and

cerebrovascular diseases


Lithium battery fast charging, you can

use up to 8 hours.

Nasal cavity laser probe

The charge socket

Laser treatment

Laser treatment

Three-dimensional treatment,

phototherapy eleven holes.

Product Principle



Product Principle

Through the wavelength 650nm, single laser output terminal of the upper power of 5mW laser irradiation nasal cavity or points to the blood into the large number of photons, photons are absorbed into the blood cells and internal energy, activate blood cells to increase their oxygen-carrying capacity and deformation capacity, improve blood flow and viscosity, improve blood parameters play a role in the elimination of inflammation, reduce blood viscosity and blood lipids.



1.Quality laser head, penetrated with high, low power consumption, good effect.

650nm low level laser irradiation

Red blood


Dirty blood

Red blood cell become viscosity


ATP Enzyme SOD production

Electromotive action


acupuncture points stimulation

Clean,healthy blood

2.The laser treatment of blood came from treatment diseased cells, more efficient, faster and hit pathogens, non-invasive, non-drug harm.

Radial Artery

Neiguan Acupoint

Ulner Artery

(Lingdao AcupointTongli Acupoint

Yingqie AcupointShenmen Acupoint)

3.Three-dimensional treatment, phototherapy eleven holes.Green light therapy, the use of confidence.

Portable One key operation Multi-purpose

Treatment of vascular disease

How to use

How to use

The inside of the left wrist wear products, nasal cavity laser

head can be inserted into a nasal cavity.

Turn on the power to set the time,

mode and intensity.

Adjust stimulation intensity

2 times a day,

every 30 minutes or so.


Not suitable for the following groups:

cancer patient, pregnancy, patient

with hemorrhagic diseases

Children shall only use the

instrument under the direction

of their parents.

The elder patients and sensitive

patients must accept the low-power

and short-time treatment at the

beginning, the rate of work could

be increased as the body adjusts.

Feedback from the users

“Today I once again received parcels from the seller! And I love his product. The last time I ordered equipment for the treatment of pressure,

I want to say that it really helped us really! parcels arrive quickly in 7 days! all in good condition! Thank you very much! Let your business is booming !!! I recommend! ”

——Aaksonova A. From Russia

“seems to work for me, my blood sugar reduce from 15 to 11 just used for 2 days.”

——Steve B. From Australia

“I gave my laser device to use to my brother-in-law. He had really bad blood pressure: about 200,

he was using it for 3 weeks and now his blood pressure is down to 150. It is still high, but it is a big change from previous.”

——Svetlana B. From USA

“Good day! Yes I received the laser and like it very much. It works well and very happy to add it to my line.”

——Julie L. From USA

“I bought one of your machines and it is very good. Take care.”

——Lorenzo from Mexico

“GD10-D good battery charging, device function properly. Observations using blood glucose strip test and fresh blood microscopy

analysis showed: after treatment for 3 days (3 time 30 minutes a day), blood sugar, fat and blood viscosity down dramatically”

——Mudjiman from Indonesia

“I bought the GD10-D Wrist Laser Treatment Instrument and I'm using and I'm really pleased with the positive effects.”

——Edmilson M. S. from Brazil

“Today tested in laboratory to your laser device and is effective. better blood circle and red blood cells were separated.

It works and is very good .. just did the laboratory sample. only that we need a dark field microscope to take pictures and film.

with that give scientific verification of the laser device .”

———Dr. Nestor S.T. from Paraguay

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