800ML Nano Atomizer Sprayer Mist Disinfection Machine Electric Sprayer Portable Steam Atomizer Spray Blue Light Wireless


Kindly Reminder:
1、Before using the spray gun, please read the manual to learn how to operate the machine correctly.
2、Please charge it fully before using it for the first time.
3、After every using, please discard the remaining solution, adding water spray for 2-3min to clean it completely. To prevent the high concentration of potion from corroding machine parts!
4、Please do not leave high concentration solution in the bottle for a long time.
5、When the spray gun does not spray, please make sure that the mouth of the bottle and the bottle are tightened.
6、When the spray gun only sprays air, you can use a thin wire to clean the tip of the nozzle.

Product Name: Blue Nano Disinfection Sprayer Gun
Product Name: Ultraviolet Atomization Sterilizer
Usage: Sterilization, disinfection, removal of mites, air purificationColor: white
Water capacity: 800ml
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Life time: 3 hours
Range: 2 meters
Power: 10w

Scope of application:
Home disinfection
Car disinfection
Sterilization in physical stores
Disinfection and sterilization of toilets

6 major advantages of the product
1. Steam pump spray
2. Rechargeable
3. Large capacity
4. Fashionable appearance
5. Wireless disinfection
6. Efficient sterilization

1. Fog control button
Clockwise adjustable fog size is convenient and quick
2. Large capacity water tank
800ML large container, can be used for 60 minutes at a time
3. Charging socket
Charge for 3 hours
4. Charging jack
Charge for 3 hours
5. Plastic atomizing nozzle
The sprayed atomization amount is more uniform and the shooting range is longer
6. Fog volume control knob
The amount of fog can be controlled at will, easy to use
7. Plastic nozzle + six bright lights
The amount of fog is large, and the spraying distance is far
Removable nozzle
8. Plastic filter
Filter small particles, durable
No blockage
9.Three-in-one disinfection, sterilization and mites

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