400W Smart Automatic 12V/24V Car AGM Battery Charger LCD 5-stage Intelligent Pulse Repair Lead Acid&Wet&Dry Li-Battery 6-400AH


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400W Smart Automatic 12V/24V Car AGM Battery Charger LCD 5-stage Intelligent Pulse Repair Lead Acid&Wet&Dry Li-Battery 6-400AH

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Suitable for 12V / 24V 6-400W multiple types of batteries on the market

Sush as: Lead Acid Battery

Wet Battery & Dry Battery

Maintenance-free Battery

Especially AGM Car Start-stop Battery

Faster charging,Speed up 50% than normal charger

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LCD Smart Storage Battery Charger
400W High-power Smart Storage Battery Charger
Intelligent Pulse Repair, Full Charge, Auto Stop
12V/24V Storage Battery Universal
Use for 6-400AH capacity Storage Battery
Faster charging,Speed up 50% than normal charger
Conquering 400AH Big Storage Battery
Professional Brand,Smart Charging
Large-capacity Storage Battery,Charging more secure
Thick Copper Wire, Good heat dissipation
Solve the problem of low battery, start difficulties
Dual Screen Display,Full Charge,Auto Stop
Intelligent Recognition 12V/24V Storage Battery
400W High-power, powerful output
Can charge the generator set Smart Charger
One-button automatic charging, simple operation
Intelligent regulation current
Intelligent Mode, Manual Mode
Intelligent Recognition,Pulse Repair 12V/24V Lead Acid Battery,Wet Battery & Dry Battery,Maintenance-free Battery,Especially AGM Car Start-stop Battery
Rechargeable lithium battery
Temperature controlled cooling fan
Energy saving, noise reduction, rapid heat dissipation, and durability
Effectively increasing service life
Auxiliary knob for manual adjustment
Auxiliary small battery charging
Easy to 20AH small battery charging
Pure Copper Machine Chips,Durable
Good Power From Good Chips
Cold-resistant,High temperature resistance
Multiple protection:”Circuit reverse connect,Short circuit,Low voltage,Overheat,Overcurrent,Overvoltage”
Safe, not damage Charger and Storage Battery
Fashion paint metal shell, Shockproof Anti-fall
Spike Large Alligator Clip,Anti-corrosion, durable
Cold-resistant,110-250V Wide voltage universal
Factory direct sales, security verification
Almost universal for all 12V/24V Storage Batteries
The larger the capacity, the longer the charging time
If the Storage Battery leakage heat, it will not automatically stop, need to manually power off
No need to disassemble, plug and play
Red clips connect positive
Black clips connection negative
Real-time Control Five-stage Charging State
After full charge, the current stops
12V Storage Battery, Charging Actual Output Current 20A
24V Storage Battery, Charging Actual Output Current 15A
Trickle current is about 0.4A, indicating that charging is complete
Smart Pulse Recognition 12V / 24V Storage Battery,New add cumulative charge display
12V Storage Battery, Voltage Recognition Range 8-14V
24V Storage Battery, Voltage Recognition Range 18-29V
Storage Battery Charge Amount Percentage Display
When the positive and negative poles are reversed, or if they are short-circuited, the charger emits a BB alarm sound and turns off automatically.
Using Smart Chip (PWM) Technology
High-speed, low-pitched fan technology,Environmental protection
When the charger temperature exceeds 105°C
Automatic shut-down
Wait until the temperature is below 80°C,Or shutdown for more than 10 minutes,,Can be re-used normally
When Storage Battery voltage is lower than 10V, charger protection cannot start
Avoid Storage Battery and charger damage
When a short circuit occurs, the current open increases and the voltage suddenly drops
When the fault current reaches the operating value of the current relay
Press protection device to selective cut off the circuit
In the automatic mode, the car does not need to remove the battery and can be directly charged in the car, without any impact on the car's electrical appliances.

Monfara smart charger charge percentage and charging modes for use:

1. For a small-capacity Storage Battery with a capacity of 20AH or less, if the Storage Battery has been left on hold for a long time, or if the internal resistance is large, the battery will be scrapped if there is a lack of liquid or the process is poor.

The percentage of charge will occur instantaneously. short time, the displayed percentage will be no full power for a long time.

Only when the charger detects a good battery, the percentage will be displayed normally.

2. It should be noted that for the Storage Battery in the above situation, one or two charges must be manually monitored to avoid damage.

If the temperature of the charger case is too high, the charger should stop charging immediately, indicating that it is full of electricity and can be used normally.

3. The charger detects the requirements of the Storage Battery intelligently and fully automatically. It is charged in stages and is not limited by the capacity of the Storage Battery. The larger the capacity, the longer the charging takes.

For storage batteries less than 100AH, or larger, the constant current charging mode time will be slightly longer in the initial stage, the percentage of the charger display will be delayed, wait to the constant voltage mode, the trickle charging mode will be shortened, the percentage of the charger at this time The display will speed up and will not affect the charging effect.

Monfara smart charger common troubleshooting:

1. The charger only charges for a few minutes and it shows full charge:

a. Check if the cooling fan is working properly. It may be due to overcurrent, overvoltage, or overheat protection. Stop charging.

b. Explain that the Storage Battery has no capacity or is originally full capacity (recommended to wait until the Storage Battery is fully discharged, retest)

c. suggestions can try to add supplemental battery solution or distilled water

d. Check that the charger output clip is in good contact with the Storage Battery.

2. The charging very long time, but does not show a full charge, and the shell is hot

a. Check if there is a short circuit and the voltage does not reach the intended value.

b. The Storage Battery has a leakage current of <0.3A.

c. The Storage Battery is of poor quality and cannot meet the requirements for use. It is recommended to buy a genuine Storage Battery.

3. charger is properly connected, but have alarm sound, not work:

a. Check if the Storage Battery is depressurized, resulting in low voltage protection

b. The Storage Battery is left for too long, resulting in old or scrapped, or too large internal resistance, serious short circuit

c. Whether there is still an alarm sound when checking empty

d. It is recommended to replace the Storage Battery and retest.

4. Charge the old Storage Battery (to be scrapped) or the small capacity Storage Battery:

a. The indicator may not display the charging status (since the internal resistance is large, the current is small)

b. The user can charge the Storage Battery while using a large amount of electricity. If the indicator light flashes, there is a problem.

c. After the general indicator light is extinguished, trickle charging will continue for about 1 hour, which is normal.

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