10Pcs Kraft Drawer Box Handmade Soap Gift Craft Candy Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Brown Paper Boxes Sliding Shape Free Shipping


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Product introduction :

1. Condition: 100% brand new

2. Material: 350gsm card paper

3. Product: Drawer paper boxes

4. Size: Out size

5. Color: brown

6. Quantity: 10pcs/lot

7. Other sizes, click on specific sizes

Out size Inner size Color
32x20x5cm 30x18x5cm Brown
28.7×9.7×4.7cm 26.5×7.5×4.5cm Brown
28x20x3.5cm 26x18x3.4cm Brown
28x14x5cm 26x12x5cm Brown
26.7×16.2×8.7cm 24.5x14x8.5cm Brown
26.2×18.2×5.2cm 24x16x5cm Brown
26.2×14.2×5.2cm 24x12x5cm Brown
25.8×7.8×4.9cm 24x6x4.7cm Brown
25.2×15.2×6.2cm 23x13x6cm Brown
25x10x3.5cm 23x8x3.5cm Brown
25×16.5×4.7cm 23×14.5×4.5cm Brown
24.7×21.7×3.2cm 19.5×19.5x3cm Brown
23.2×16.2×5.2cm 21x14x5cm Brown
23x13x4.5cm 21x11x4.5cm Brown
22.2×12.2×6.2cm 20x10x6cm Brown
22x16x4.4cm 20x14x4.4cm Brown
22×13.5×6.2cm 20×11.5x6cm Brown
21x15x6cm 19x13x4.8cm Brown
20x10x3.1cm 18x8x3cm Brown
19.5×10.5x4cm 17.5×8.5×3.9cm Brown
19.1×13.1×5.2cm 17.5×11.5x5cm Brown
19x14x5.2cm 17x12x5.2cm Brown
19×5.9×4.2cm 17×3.9x4cm Brown
18.6×12.3×5.7cm 16.6×10.3×5.5cm Brown
18.2×18.2×5.2cm 16x16x5cm Brown
18.2×12.4×5.7cm 16×10.2×5.5cm Brown
17.7×17.7×3.2cm 15.5×15.5x3cm Brown
17.5x13x4cm 15.5x11x4cm Brown
17.5×9.5x4cm 15.5×7.5×3.9cm Brown
17x8x3.5cm 15x6x3.5cm Brown
16.3×9.2×3.2cm 14.3×7.2x3cm Brown
16.2×16.2×3.2cm 14x14x3cm Brown
15.2×5.9×4.2cm 13.2×3.9x4cm Brown
15x15x5.2cm 13x13x5cm Brown
14.5×14.5x6cm 12.5×12.5x6cm Brown
14.2×14.2×5.8cm 12x12x5.6cm Brown
14x7x5cm 11.8×4.8×4.8cm Brown
13.3×6.6×3.9cm 11.3×4.6×3.7cm Brown
12.8×10.6x4cm 10.6×8.4×3.8cm Brown
12.4×5.4×3.7cm 10.6×3.6×3.5cm Brown
12.2×12.2×5.2cm 10x10x5cm Brown
12x9x3.3cm 10x7x3.3cm Brown
11.6×5.8×4.2cm 9.8x4x4cm Brown
11.2×8.2×4.2cm 9x6x4cm Brown
11x8x3.2cm 9x6x3.1cm Brown
10.4x7x3cm 8.6×5.2×2.8cm Brown
10.3×5.4×3.7cm 8.5×3.6×3.5cm Brown
9.7×3.9×2.9cm 8.5×2.7×2.7cm Brown
8x8x4cm 6x6x4cm Brown
7.5x4x2.8cm 6.3×2.8×2.6cm Brown

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